⌛Time & 🚪Access Systems can help you increase labor force performance and also rise revenue with improved time recording, protecting against time burglary and helping with exact hrs. worked for export to pay-roll.

We offer exactly the ideal combination of time clock tools, time software program and assistance solutions to match your company’s work kind, work flow and area.

Access control Systems are a great addition to improve security also  within any business. Adding a Access Control System to your property provides many advantages in control access to your premises from unauthorized access.

In addition you can control authorized access and control you internal staff giving access to areas they only need access to.

Our access control systems are all controlled and managed via a user friendly and reliable software package.

We offer a wide range of access control services and single door access systems with features including, video/audio intercoms, fab keys, swipe cards, proximity cards and bio-metric options.

👌It's Time to Increase 🚀Your Work Force⚡Labour Efficiency👍