How do Wi-Fi 📶Switches work🤔

To put it simply, Wi-Fi switches are modules connected to your home’s switches and work remotely through Wi-Fi signals.

A smart switch is a programmable wireless switch that provides the same functionality as a traditional switch while allowing lighting control and automation. Smart switches connect to a smart home hub and allow users to control their lights using a mobile app, voice assistant, or an automated schedule.

With Wi-Fi-controlled switches, you can feel “connected” to your electronics like lights, fans, TV, refrigerator, microwave, smart bulbs, home security system, etc. You can automate, control, monitor appliances, set desired lighting and music ambiance, and secure home.

Benefits🤗 of Wi-Fi 📶 Switches👇

  • Convenience

  • Better security

  • Efficient energy consumption and power saving

  • Hassle-free and effective control over appliances

  • Improved user experience and comfortable lifestyle even for elderly